History is repeating itself

30 06 2013

There is an old saw about those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Sadly, I find myself watching a such a repetition taking place at this very moment.

In 1776 we declared our independence from the British crown, and went to war to break from the greatest power on earth.  That declaration didn’t just spring up fully formed, however.  It took several decades of injustice and oppression to force the colonists to that fateful decision.

Oppressive taxes and fees, unlawful searches, detaining people without writ, no knock raids, and outlawing political speech were just some of the more heinous things that took place.  There were a lot of little things — assorted indignities — that were also perpetrated on a daily basis over the course of 30 years leading up to that fateful day at Concord Bridge.

Flash forward to today.  We have a president who is trying to “remake America”.  When he doesn’t get his way, he circumvents Congress by using Executive Orders, which have the force of law unless Congress passes legislation to block them.  These Orders are often done in the dark of the night, under the radar, so they go unnoticed.  His Attorney General routinely refuses to follow the law that his is sworn to uphold.  He has appointed dozens of “czars” to take control of various aspects of the economy without any kind of Congressional oversight.  His cabinet secretaries run agencies that waste billions of dollars of taxpayer money with impunity.  And, even if they get caught like the IRS recently, they stonewall and obfuscate to the point that nothing gets done to fix the situation and nobody responsible is ever prosecuted.  He has forced through changes in government programs that will end up bankrupting the country; is deliberately forcing the costs of energy to skyrocket when we have enough resources to lower costs significantly; and is trying to dismantle the Constitution piece by piece.

If you compare what is happening today, you can find an analog in what was happening 250 years ago.  Despite the obvious parallels, I hear people all the time saying “its all a right wing conspiracy” or “that can never happen in America” and similar statements.  These are the people who have not studied history, and in fact don’t even know most of our history, and how we became the United States of America.  These are the people that stand by and don’t pay any attention to what is going on around them, who don’t participate in the electoral process, who are willing to accept all the goodies that the government passes out like candy.  Over 50 per cent of our population is getting some form of government entitlement.  I’m not talking about the retirees on Social Security either.  Most of them have earned that by working hard their entire lives.  When you’ve got so many people with their hands out for freebies provided by the government, using our tax dollars to pay for it, something has to give sooner or later.

We can step back from the edge of the abyss, and stop this train wreck from happening.  It won’t be easy, and we’ll have to take a lot of abuse from those on the government gravy train, but it can be done.  The first order of business is to stop the assault on the 2nd Amendment.  If we allow the bureaucrats and anti-gun zealots to disarm us, we no longer will have the means — or the threat — of preventing government overreach.  Secondly, we must become more proactive when it comes to elections.  The surest way to prevent the abuses of government is to have people who support the Constitution in positions of power.  Thirdly, we must take back our schools from the socialists and progressives (and those pushing Sharia) and return to educating our kids in the history of this country, the Constitution, and what it means to be an American.

I hope I live long enough to see that take place.  Being of a cynical nature, however, I think we may have to water the tree of Liberty with more blood as our ancestors did before we can restore this country to what it should be, and what it once was.  I hope to God I’m wrong about that.







Blacks Still Living in Slavery

7 04 2012

The current firestorm over the shooting of a black teenager in Florida is disturbing enough in itself, but pales in comparison to the reality of why such a firestorm is taking place.  I contend that it is due, in large part, to the fact that the Democrat Party has kept blacks in a defacto state of slavery since roughly the 1820’s.  If you’re already blowing a gasket over that contention, I recommend to hit next and move on.  If I have picqued your interest, read on.

In 1820, a law was enacted that we refer to as the Missouri Compromise.  In it, the state of Maine was admitted to the Union as a free (from slavery) state, while Missouri entered as a slave state.  In addition, future states above the 36 degree 30 minute line would be free, and those below slave.  As Jefferson predicted, this law would lay the foundation for the Civil War.  Most of the people who supported this law were Democrats and southern plantation aristocracy.

In 1854, Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which enabled the people living in those states, and any future states admitted to the Union, to have an up-or-down vote on whether or not they would be slave or free, and in essence repealed the Missouri Compromise.  This was a very hotly debated issue, and resulted in one of the most famous set of debates in our history – the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.  Senator Stephen Douglas was a Democrat, and supported the Act.  Abraham Lincoln, a member of the newly formed Republican Party (founded in Ripon, WI in 1854), opposed it.  The most famous of the debates took place in Freeport, Illinois, and by all accounts, the crowds at all of them were large and hostile toward Lincoln’s point of view.

The resulting chaos that ensued in Kansas and Nebraska resulted in open guerrilla warfare between pro-slavery supporters and anti-slavery opponents of the law.  This is where the Civil War started, if unofficially.

In 1857, more fuel was added to the fire by the Dred Scott Decision of the Supreme Court.  What it boiled down to was that when a slave owner took his slave, Dred Scott, on a trip to a non-slave state, the slave ran away.  When he was captured, he contested the right of the slave owner to keep him as a slave since they were in a free state.  The court decided in favor of the slave owner, saying that Scott was his property by law in his home state and remained so even if traveling in a non-slave state.  While southern slave owners (most Democrats) applauded the decision, northern abolitionists were enraged.

It has often been stated that southern secession at the start of the Civil War was more about the issue of state’s rights than about slavery as a primary cause.  In truth, the slavery was the main issue, and the state’s rights argument was in reference to the right of the state to maintain slavery by law.  State’s rights was often used as a pretext by those who personally were opposed to slavery as an institution but who supported the state in imposing slavery.  Again, nearly all of those who supported and approved of secession were Democrats, even those who did not own slaves.`

Lincoln is often credited for freeing the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, but in fact, that applied only to slaves freed by the military in those states that were part of the Confederacy.  It was more intended to impact the ability of the south to maintain its ability to feed itself, and maintain its war effort than to actually provide freedom for blacks.  Lincoln was not in favor of slavery, but he did not consider blacks to be his equal except for the idea that every man had the natural right to the fruits of his own labor, and that no man should be enslaved for the mere consequence of skin color.  This was a point he made to great effect in the Freeport debate in 1854 against Stephen Douglas.  Even today, Democrats often try to say that Lincoln was a racist, when if fact he was anything but.

After the Civil War, sympathetic southerners did everything in their power to render the emancipation of blacks via the Emancipation Proclamation and subsequently the 14th Amendment a moot point.  They came up with hundreds of rules and regulations that imposed poll taxes and other outrages on blacks to keep them uneducated, and in their place.  When blacks fought back, the KKK stepped in and lynched many of them to serve as examples for those who contemplated “getting out of line.”  The aristocratic good ‘ole boy network of southern Democrats kept blacks down this way for nearly 100 years by the use of these Jim Crow laws.

The segregated south was a political and social reality for the first half of the 20th century.  Progressives in the first half of the century are largely responsible for the separate but equal philosophy of segregation.  In theory, separate but equal sounds good, but in reality it was anything but equal.  Finally, with the help of black ministers like Martin Luther King, and white Republicans, the Civil Rights Act was passed.  While this went a long way toward redressing and eliminating Jim Crow, the Democrats largely co-opted credit for the act, and ultimately imposed many of the same style of Jim Crow restrictions under the guise of civil rights activism.  It took the Voting Rights Act to eliminate most of those laws.

However, one area that was heavily espoused by Democrats and ultimate ended up re-enslaving blacks from an economic standpoint, was Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal social welfare programs.  By the time of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act in the 1960’s, Lyndon Johnson upped the ante with a huge increase in welfare programs for minorities, and something new — Affirmative Action.  In essence, this became the padlock on the plantation slave quarters.  Blacks, already deeply in a rut because of New Deal social welfare programs, now had to stay with the program pushed by the Democrats in order to benefit from Affirmative Action.  Now, they had access to all kinds of things simply because they were black, often at the expense of those already in a job, or college, etc.  And, to enable blacks to compete more effectively, many times requirement standards were lowered to the point that nearly anyone could get the job, even if they were unable to actually do it.  The era of Affirmative Action is replete with examples of uneducated, and unqualified people being hired for a job simply because they were black or some other minority, or a woman.  This sort of thing went on for several decades, though it is slowly being done away with today.

The latest outrage that the Democrats are perpetrating on blacks is in the form of opposition to presenting an ID to vote.  When blacks have finally gotten to the point where nobody questions their right to vote, Democrats are in effect pushing the idea that requiring someone to prove they are who they say they are in order to vote is disenfranchising those very voters.  Voting is not only a sacred duty and a right, but it carries with it the implicit requirement that we ensure that nobody can steal another man’s vote by saying he is someone he isn’t.  This also involves the perpetration of voter fraud by claiming the identity of someone who is dead in order to vote.  A voter picture ID virtually eliminates the dead voting, and ensures that when John Q. Public steps up to the election judge to obtain a ballot that nobody else can claim to be him and vote in his place.  A voter ID is a mechanism to safeguard that sacred right to vote that every American has, and which is Constitutionally guaranteed.  Yet, once again, Democrats are having screaming fits whenever the subject comes up, and the current administrations Department of Justice has taken the extraordinary step of declaring the use of voter ID in many states to be illegal because of minority intimidation or difficulty in obtaining such an ID.

That argument is ludicrous on its face, since blacks and anyone else who partakes of the benefits provided by government, are already required to have a picture ID to obtain welfare, to obtain a driver’s license, and on.  They somehow manage to do that, so why is it such an extreme burden to get a voter ID?  In states that have an ID requirement, most of them will accept almost any picture ID as long as it shows the current address as well. 

But, as the history of blacks in this country in their dealings with Democrats shows, the rhetoric very often bears little resemblance to reality.  Blacks are just as much slaves today to the system via welfare and progressive Democrat thought as they ever were to the plantation slave owners of 150 years ago. Sadly, the situation in Florida may end up sparking a race war that will put them even farther away from achieving true equality.



Trayvon Martin situation

28 03 2012

The Trayvon Martin shooting has exploded onto the national stage over the last week like a tsunami.  Like a tsunami, it has wrecked havoc first in Florida, and increasingly across the country.


There is a lot of misinformation, and outright falsehood flying about.  Here’s what I’ve been about to piece together since this story broke.  Zimmerman is an overzealous neighborhood watch type.  You find people like him all over the country, and for the most part they help the police keep the lid on in some pretty shaky neighborhoods.  He found Martin walking in the neighborhood at 3 am, in the rain, wearing a hoodie.  Not the best sort of clothing to be wearing in a gated community at that time of night.  While following Martin, he called 911 and reported him to the dispatcher.  The police dispatcher said officers would respond and for Zimmerman not to follow him any longer.


Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle when he was accosted by Martin, who wanted to know why he was following him.  He then punched Zimmerman in the face, knocking him down, and started slamming his head into the sidewalk.  Zimmerman, was calling for help and ultimately drew his pistol and shot Martin in the chest.  This was seen by a witness, and police verified that Zimmerman did appear to have been assaulted.  Those are the essential details.


Keep in mind that this all happened a month ago.  It has taken that long for this to percolate to the top of the pot.  In the interim, the left wing media, the race baiters, the haters, and even the President have stirred the pot, and poured gasoline on the fire.  George Zimmerman is mixed ethnicity – hispanic, white, and whatever else – but to believe the media he is white.  That is an inconvenient little fact that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the media, and some people in Congress choose to ignore – if he isn’t white then they can’t use the same rant to stir up the black community.  Keep in mind as well, that Martin was not the teenage angel the media has made him out to be in the beginning.  He has been in trouble in school, involved in drug use to some extent, and comes from a broken home.  The way he is reported to have acted fits with his background and with the kind of behavior that is common in his Miami neighborhood.


A lot of people are feeding the flames of this situation.  The Black Panthers have announced a bounty on Zimmerman, causing him to go into hiding because of death threats.  The liberals are blaming this on the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law and on Jeb Bush for signing that into law.  Members of Congress have said that Martin was hunted down and murdered with malice aforethought.  Bobby Rush, the representative from Chicago, wore a hoodie on the floor of the House, and got expelled from the floor.  Cooler heads had better get a handle on this situation is short order, because the fuse is lit in Florida.  If it burns down, there will be a race war that will spread like wildfire.  There are places that are on the verge of exploding in many areas of this country even at the best of times.  It won’t take much to blow it all up.  The ultimate losers if that happens will be everyone in this country, but the immediate losers will be minorities, particularly blacks.  They simply don’t have the numbers to prevent it, and they don’t have the means.

Update on Arizona Immigration case

15 10 2010

Yesterday, the court allowed the Mexican government to file an amicus brief in the Arizona Immigration case, creating the unheard of precedent of a foreign country becoming a party to an internal United States legal proceeding. This is nothing short of the U.S. government stacking the deck against the sovereign rights of an American state and its citizens by giving favor to a foreign power.

Mexico has a vested interest in the United States not enforcing its own borders and being soft on prosecuting illegal immigrants. Aside from the long standing desire of Mexico to recover areas of the southwestern U.S. that they lost in centuries past, a porous border and soft enforcement provides them with a safety valve for their own internal problems of poverty, and political upheaval due to the drug wars.

Drug cartels along the Texas border have all but declared the border off limits to law enforcement on both sides of the line. They are murdering civilians and law enforcement on their side in unprecedented numbers, and brazenly attacking U.S. citizens and law enforcement as well. It is only a matter of time before that spreads to the Arizona border area.

Just another example of the incompetence of the Obama administration, and their socialist leaning agendas.

Armageddon is Approaching… Maybe

15 10 2010

18 days. That’s all that’s left before Americans must decide if we wish to see the end of America as we know it, and the post-apocalyptic nightmare that will follow, or if we wish to return to the principles that made this country the greatest endeavor in human history.

Short of a full on revolution, this election is the most historic event in our history. In just two short years we have gone from electing the first black president with all the hopes and dreams that were promised to the greatest political upheaval and reversal in our history. While President Obama still enjoys fairly high personal poll rating, he has the lowest rating at the midterm of any president since they started tracking these things — and this is no recent event. His numbers have been in the tank and getting worse since the beginning of the year.

Think about this. While the Democrats have succeeded in getting roughly 70% of their announced agenda through Congress, they have done so almost completely without any bipartisan support. They have, however, done so with immense opposition from the general public, and by making shady backroom deals, scheduling votes in the middle of the night, and simply lying to the public and the media when it served their agenda.

As a result, Congress’s performance rating is in single digits, and every single one of the Democrat leaders in the House and Senate is in serious trouble in their home districts. It looks as if most of them will lose their reelection bids because of it.

By some estimates, Republicans could take as many as 60-70 seats. Not only those of Democrats who are in trouble and whose districts are in play, but many seats that nobody has expected to be in play. Republicans also have a good shot at retaking the Senate this time. There are at least 8 critical seats that are expected to change hands, but another 6-8 that have suddenly come into play.

Real Clear Politics polls show Republicans with an 8% generic lead over Democrats. That is an indication of expected voter turnout, and what will probably be a tsunami that will sweep huge numbers of Obama supporting Democrats out of office at all levels.

The alternative, of course, is business as usual. More bailout money running down the drain, taxes going through the roof, more jobs lost, more home foreclosures as people out of work run out of the means to pay their mortgages, higher crime, and perhaps worst of all more and more government intrusion into our lives in the form of lost rights and more draconian regulations.

Nearly every independent economist whose opinion means anything is predicting an economic disaster if the Democrats retain power for the next two years. The Bush taxcuts expire January 1, and that will almost assuredly trigger another wave of job loss and home foreclosures as businesses tighten their fiscal belts even more. There is even recent news that the Obama administration is considering confiscation of retirement pension accounts, and 401K savings to help pay down the debt that is slowly strangling the economy. The Social Security Administration announced this morning that there will be no cost of living increase next year, for the second year in a row. People on fixed incomes are already being bled white and this will only make it worse.

If the Democrats somehow manage to pull off a miracle and stave off the Republicans, America as a nation is history. It will only be a matter of time before we see bank runs, and riots in the street ala Greece and Spain. We will see another Depression that will make the 1930’s seem mild, and it won’t just be here. As bad a situation as we are in, the rest of the world is even worse off. If we go down, the rest of the world will follow like dominoes. God help us all at that point.

Illegal Alien Situation

21 08 2010

It has been quite awhile since I posted anything.  Not from lack of topics, mainly simple disgust.  Given the current state of affairs, I have to say something.  The areas that need work, however, almost overwhelm the ability to know where to start.

The mid-term elections are only about 10 weeks away.  While the major topic that will affect it is the economy, the illegal alien problem, or ‘immigration problem’ as some people call it, is a close second.

Arizona passed SB1070 several months ago, serving notice on the Obama administration that they were not going to sit back and wait any longer for the Feds to deal with the situation on the border.  That bill does nothing more than mirror what is already on the books at the federal level.  While the Arizona legislature revised some of the language of the original bill because of objections by some people, it was and still is nothing but a rubber stamp of existing law.  It is, in fact, even more restrictive than federal law as far as what law enforcement personnel can do.

Federal law says it is illegal to enter the United States without going through proper channels, and that all foreigners must carry identification with them at all times while in this country.  It also says that foreigners can be questioned by authorities concerning their country of origin, and if they are in this country illegally they can be deported.  Pretty much the same as any other country, right?

You’d never know it from listening to the hue and cry raised by ultra leftwing liberal politicians, latino organizations, and even the Mexican government.  Ignoring the fact that Federal law says exactly the same thing, they accuse Arizona of racial profiling, discrimination, and a host of other heinous crimes.  They conveniently forget or ignore the fact that illegal entry is a crime.  They forget that those people don’t have any right to be here, therefore they have no right to a job, no right to public assistance or welfare of any kind, etc.

Estimates of the cost of illegal aliens vary from state to state depending on how many each state has.  California is nearly bankrupt because of the burden on their financial system.  A report on those costs here in Illinois several months ago pegged it at $3.6 billion dollars annually to pay for services they use like hospital emergency rooms, welfare costs, and educating their kids in our public schools.  Illinois is in dire financial straits.  We simply cannot afford to pay for those who have no right to be here.

This is not an easy problem to solve.  While I sympathize with those who come here to try for a better life, we no longer have the ability to absorb people in those kinds of numbers unless they can step up and pay their own way.  Those who go through the legal process of immigration must show they can sustain themselves and not be a burden or they can’t get in.  In fairness to them, we cannot allow illegals to come in regardless of how we might feel about it.

As of this date, there are about 30 states pursuing similar remedies to this problem, most modeled after the Arizona law.  A number of those states have already enacted such laws.  The federal government, at least in regard to Arizona, has taken the stance that states cannot pass such laws.  They have filed suite against Arizona and Governor Brewer to stop SB1070 from being enforced.  The supreme hypocrisy of that given the federal law is simply mind-boggling.

Just this week they have threatened Sheriff Joe Arpaio for continuing to round-up illegals and deport them.  He has been doing that for years, with federal approval, until now.  In addition to the feds, the ACLU, city governments, and dozens of pro-latino groups have been attacking Arizona over this bill.  They all ignore the law already on the books, and want to throw the border open to whoever feels like coming across.

Aside from the financial burden placed on us by these intruders, we also have to deal with a monstrous crime wave, and a number of epidemic illnesses that have been reintroduced into the U.S. after being all but eradicated.  People who live along the border have been warned that it isn’t even safe to be out on their own property because of the armed drug runners, gun runners, and coyotes bringing groups of illegals up from Mexico.  A prominent rancher was gunned down in his ranch yard by drug smugglers last year.  Phoenix has become much like Ciudad Juarez with all the kidnappings and murders involving drugs and illegals.

The Obama administration is doing nothing to alleviate this problem.  In fact, they are facilitating it by suing Arizona, and refusing to complete the mandated — and funded — fence that Congress authorized several years ago.  We all know the reason for that.  All those illegals are potential voters for the Democrat Party.

The situation is going to change radically in about 70 days, however.  The Democrats have so angered the public persona with healthcare legislation, bailouts, cap-and-trade, immigration issues, and a number of other things that it looks like this mid-term election will dwarf the takeover of the House in 1994 by the G.O.P. by adding the Senate, and as many as 36 governors to the ranks of the victors.  Despite the derision heaped on it by the left, the Tea Party movement has galvanized the voting public across the land.  Liberal Obama supporters running for reelection have been trounced all over the country during the primaries (as well as a number of Republicans who were a bit too chummy with their Dem counterparts).  Incumbents are running scared, doing their best to distance themselves from Obama and his failed agenda.  They see the writing on the wall, and quite a number have already decided not to run again simply because they know they’d lose.

So, while I am as worried as anybody about the economy, I’m starting to feel pretty good about the elections.  The great Silent Majority has been kicked awake, and they are fired up and out for blood.  Hopefully most of it will be liberal blood.  But even if the Republicans sweep the House and Senate, Obama and his lackies are still in place for two more years.  They won’t have the ability to cram bills down our throats like before, but they can still play billy hell with the economy and immigration.  Keep you fingers crossed that we can figure out how to prevent them from burning it all down for good.

America in Decline

13 10 2009

My father’s family first came to this country when it was still a group of unaffiliated colonies, in 1615. Since that time nearly every generation has had a male member who held public office, served on the bench as a judge, or served in the military. I can count Captain Isaac Hull of U.S.S Constitution fame, as well as Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, among others as part of my ancestry.

One thing that has always been part of our family was a dedication to this country and someone has always stepped forward to serve in some manner to make it greater and better. My late father, and my brother and myself are no exceptions to that tradition.

Now, however, for the first time in nearly 400 years, I see everything my family has worked for and believed in being destroyed by Barack Obama and his coterie of socialist radicals, terrorists, and miscreants in the White House and Congress.

Nearly 100 years of progressive thought, and socialist leanings starting in the days of Woodrow Wilson have been cast in stone by Obama, causing the fracture and disintegration of all the things that could help us work our way out of the housing and financial crises, and get us back on the road to prosperity and the continuation of everything America was founded on and has stood for these last 225 plus years. We are on the edge of a precipice with the edge crumbling beneath our feet. If Obama continues on his current path we will go over the edge into the abyss, and there will be no return.

China, Russia, and some other countries have been buying our debt for years, but they are not going to continue that for much longer. Sooner or later they will will close the cash drawer and our dollar will collapse like a rotten tree in a high wind. The dollar will no longer be the currency of record, and our economy will screech to halt.

When that happens, folks, anarchy will become the rule of law. You’d all better be prepared.